Recycling Equipment Maintenance Programs

Recycling Equipment Maintenance

Sims+MHS has maintenance programs which can help customers with new and used recycling balers to keep them running at peak performance levels. Regularly scheduled maintenance also allows for replacement of parts, hydraulic hoses, electrical components when required.

Regular service of recycling equipment will increase its lifespan, reduce downtime and ensure the machine’s safe operation.

Our experienced technicians have the tools and parts required for fast service and repair of balers and compactors. With maintenance plans that are flexible and affordable Sims+MHS is well-equipped to service and maintain all types of recycling equipment.

Recycling Equipment Servicing

Sims+MHS techs provides complete service for balers including;

  • Inspecting Equipment
  • Evaluate Structure and Frame
  • Check Electrical Components and Motor
  • Look for Oil Leaks
  • Test Oil Temperature
  • Check Bale Wire and Covers
  • Clean Out Debris
  • Examine Hydraulics
  • Inspect and Replace Hoses & Connections
  • Check Safety Switches and Guards
  • Examine Wear Parts
  • …and More

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Need Repairs / Parts?

Baler and Compactor Services

Sims+MHS also provides full service for balers and compactors including fabrication, welding, mechanical and hydraulic repair/replacement as well as electrical diagnosis and repair.

We can assist in recycling equipment installation, removals and provide expertise for choosing new equipment specific for your needs.


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Recycling Equipment for Sale

Recycling Equipment Sales

Sims+MHS has over 40 models of recycling equipment for sale. Find the solution for you material handling to help your business save time and money and reduce recycling floor space.