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Sims+MHS specializes in recycling equipment for cardboard, paper and plastic for commercial and industrial companies in Alberta since 1984. We sell, repair and provide service of vertical, horizontal and liquid extraction balers to maximize area space in warehouse spaces.

With our recycling balers, engineered for superior compaction and durability, we can help you improve your recycling storage area while reducing onsite waste material.

Sims+MHS technicians can design solutions to recycle your material at higher volumes and improve your business productivity and efficiency. We prioritize service and support for our customers and build solid relationships resulting in better waste management capabilities for our business partners.

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Sims+MHS Services


We sell over 40 models of recycling and waste equipment to Edmonton businesses. We can help you reduce floor area storage space, and help you save money on labour and transportation of materials.


We provide fast, efficient repairs of recycling equipment due to wear-and-tear or equipment failure. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot shredders, balers and other recycling equipment.

Maintenance Programs

We offer ongoing maintenance programs with regular inspection and repairs (when required). Scheduled maintenance can help you reduce breakdowns and downtime while increasing the performance and life of equipment.


We offer parts for compactors and balers plus Sims+MHS stocks consumables such as bale tie wire. In fact we have same-day delivery of 11 gauge, 12.5 gauge and 14.5 gauge bale wire.

Recycling Accessories

Sims+MHS has most everything you need for material handling including customized hand trucks, clean out rods, lift carts, baler twine hooks. We also stock accessories for balers and compactors.


Sims+MHS Sells Over 40 Models of Recycling Equipment

With our full-service approach we can help you find solutions for your recycling and material handling needs.

Benefits of Recycling

Investing in recycling equipment will help your company become a leader in your community for sustainable solutions in responsible waste management and it can open up additional revenue streams.

We partner with commercial and industrial businesses in Alberta who want to reduce waste while maintaining their financial budget.


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